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A Reader Asks

I got this question from a reader the other day: I’ve been studying a lot lately. Also concerning topics like Calvinism etc. Last week I spoke to a Calvinist and he said something like this: “God doesn’t have to save anybody, and if He does save anyone, and elects people to be saved, that should [Read More…]


Cubs win, Cubs win, Cubs win! If you add up all the season and postseason logs at, you come up with this: Since the moment Kling caught that foul out, the Cubs played 152,627⅓ innings of baseball before Wednesday, and their pitchers retired 457,882 batters. Not one of those outs added a third World [Read More…]

The Stories We Tell (RJS)

Chapter 2 of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature by  Malcolm Jeeves and Warren S. Brown digs into the warfare model of science as it pertains to neuroscience and psychology. Does science disprove God? Whether a person believes it does or not depends more on the narrative constructed around the [Read More…]

After the Elections: Imagining Heaven?

After the Elections: Imagining Heaven? By Leslie Leyland Fields I imagine John Lennon would be happy with the way our nation is going, as more and more people leave church and check the “none” box, many to be “spiritual” rather than “religious.” Lennon, in his famous song dreamily urged us to ditch religion and any [Read More…]

Brueggemann’s Economics: Justice

By Michael Thompson Walter Brueggemann. God, Neighbor, Empire: The Excess of Divine Fidelity and the Command of Common Good. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2016. Chapter Two: Justice: From Zion Back to Sinai (39–70) There is a key in the subtitle of this chapter, for Brueggemann will demonstrate an important distinction between worship as it became [Read More…]