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If You are a Cubs Fan

If you are a Cubs fan, Mark Gonzales’s summary of who will remain and who will not is as good as it can get. I give his top section but at the link you can read the rest: Who’s likely to return Player … Position … Contract status … Comment Pitchers Jake Arrieta … Starting [Read More…]

Leave the Leaves?

So says David Mizejewski in a report by Mary Bowerman: [SMcK: Confession time; I mow mine into small pieces and then put them in the compost pile.] Put the rake down, and back away from the leaves. Dry, dead leaves may be unsightly to your neighbors, but they are great wildlife habitat for a slew of [Read More…]

Counter Cultural God

Being relevant is good but so is being irrelevant. Being like your culture connects you to culture; being unlike culture both disconnects and offers the opportunity to think again. The Christian God may have at times been somewhat like the Greek and Roman and Jewish cultures, but at other times it was so so so [Read More…]

Follow the Leader (Michelle Van Loon)

Follow The Leader, By Michelle Van Loon I am of Paul. I am of Apollos. I am of John Piper or Jim Wallis or Jen Hatmaker or Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It was a first century problem, and it is a twenty-first century problem. It is perhaps most pronounced in the Protestant world. Our very spiritual [Read More…]