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Penal Substitution is Unavoidable

There are plenty of attempts to find atonement theories that avoid the barbarisms of some penal substitution (PSA) proponents, but avoiding PSA altogether is unavoidable. Here’s what it claims: 1. Humans sin. 2. Sin has serious, ultimate consequences before God. 3. The consequence of sin, its punishment, is death. 4. Jesus died to bear (and [Read More…]

A God Big Enough to Heal All Creation

By Kevin Maney, who received his PhD from the University of Toledo in Curriculum and Instruction, majoring in educational technology and minoring in educational leadership. He completed his studies for a Diploma in Anglican Studies at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA, and did his coursework almost entirely online. He was ordained as a [Read More…]

The Cross, Justice and Empire

By Rachel Elizabeth Asproth graduated from Bethel University with a BA in English literature and reconciliation studies in 2015. She is currently the editor of the CBE Scroll and Arise. Her chief passions are reading, writing, social justice, theatre, and travel. She spends most of her time scouring thrift stores for new books and taking advantage of [Read More…]

Systematic vs. Biblical Theology

Systematic has classically (and now inevitably) organized the systematic theology of the Christian faith into these topics: (Scripture and only then) God, humans (or man), Christ, sin, salvation, the church/ecclesiology and eschatology. For some this is what Christians believe, and some don’t even recognize this choice and ordering of topics to be a reconstructive endeavor. It [Read More…]