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Heterosexual Marriage, the Gospel, and Ray Ortlund

From Ray Ortlund: If this book is reading the Bible rightly, then we cannot say that same-sex unions are holy. That assertion is now impossible to sustain. The biblical view of marriage — one man with one woman — is not based on a verse here and verse there but is the message of the [Read More…]

Is Suffering Just? (RJS)

The retribution principle is simple: the righteous will prosper and the wicked will suffer. The corollary is that prosperity and suffering are always deserved. If someone suffers, it is because they are wicked, while prosperity is evidence of righteousness. Christianity puts another twist on this. Ultimate justice comes, not in this life, but in the [Read More…]

Wrestling Hate (Leslie Leyland Fields)

Wrestling Hate This post-election week, I am reading and watching the news, but I don’t want to. I want to stay distant. I want to turn off my computer and silence the radio. It’s costly to listen. It’s wrenching to look at photos and hear stories of racism and harassment. It’s frightening to see the [Read More…]

Biblicism Revisited 1

When I was researching why it was that evangelical Christians moved over to Roman Catholicism I encountered what I still think is a good logical argument: that those who believe in supporting all arguments from Scripture can’t support that view on the basis of the Bible. It’s a good case for desconstruction. The evangelical, or [Read More…]