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Christ the King

From Allan Bevere: Advent and Christmas– Putting Christ the King in Context This past Sunday was Christ the King Sunday (also called the Reign of Christ). It is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, which begins anew this Sunday with the season of Advent. When the New Testament proclaims that Jesus is Lord, it [Read More…]

Don’t Tread on Me! (RJS)

Human freedom, constrained only loosely by the caveat “do no harm,” seems the rallying cry of much of Western (especially North American) civilization. Tim Keller, in his new book Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical, tackles the issue of freedom.  The Western ideal of individual freedom has brought both gain and loss.  [Read More…]

Revolution of the Open Door and Table

By Leslie Leyland Fields I’m taking a holiday from the media and the news these next two weeks. You will not find cynicism here. Or hate or despair. This week, grateful tidings and a call to a Revolution. It begins here. The best Giving-Thanks meal I ever had was in a kitchen in El Salvador, [Read More…]

Biblicism Revisited 4

Christian Smith, in his must-read and challenging book, Bible Made Impossible, The: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, contends that what many of us (evangelicals) affirm is impossible to hold with intellectual integrity. He calls this belief “biblicism,” and if you want to read what it is read this post. The [Read More…]