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CNN on the Leggings Kerfuffle

From CNN, on the leggings on United Airlines kerfuffle: Plus, “non-revs,” short for “non-revenue,” are subjected to a dress code, which only they can access on the United website with a password; it’s not publicly available. United’s code bans, among many other things, form-fitting and lycra/spandex clothing, or anything inappropriately revealing. Non-revs are perceived as [Read More…]

Tell Me Your Story

By John Frye My wife, Julie, and I have been attending an intentionally diverse church for over a year. We’ve noticed a compelling dynamic in a multiethnic community. Yes, we affirm as a church that we all want to be a preview of the new creation vision seen in Revelation 5:9 “…members of every tribe [Read More…]

Co-Pastors, Co-Priests: The Millers

Kris and I were asked to attend and I got to be a Presenter when Karen Miller was ordained to the priesthood almost two weeks ago. Karen will join her husband, Kevin, as co-pastors, co-priests of Church of the Savior in Wheaton. It was a wonderful service in which we were with our Bishop, Todd [Read More…]

Christ and Creation (RJS)

I have the opportunity this week to be at the BioLogos conference Christ and Creation in Houston. I’ve escaped the chilly north, but more importantly have the opportunity for excellent company and thought-provoking conversation. It is great to connect with old friends, meet new people and finally meet a few I’ve interacted with through this [Read More…]

Is Faith-as-Allegiance Yet Another Instance of the Law of Moses?

Matthew Bates, in Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King, contends that salvation by faith alone is better translated and understood as by allegiance alone. As we sketched his answers to a couple of questions Monday, today we turn to some other answers to other questions. I believe many of these [Read More…]

Ruth Jackson vs. Carol Howard Merritt

Source One of Keller’s critics was author Carol Howard Merritt, who has welcomed the withdrawal of the award. She had written on her blog: “As Princeton Theological Seminary celebrates Tim Keller’s theology, I will be mourning. As he presents his lecture and receives his $10,000 award, I will lament for my sisters who have been maligned and [Read More…]

The Labor of Longing (Kelly Edmiston)

By Kelly Edmiston, @kellyedmiston Student minister at First Colony Church of Christ. Today I am six months pregnant with my third child. The pain and discomfort of pregnancy at this point is nearly unbearable. My back aches from the toll of carrying a small, forming human within. The aches are exacerbated by the countless number [Read More…]

Penal Substution Theory and Concern for Human Suffering

I’ll say what I said Monday again: These beliefs and practices can be examined by psychologists and, while such scholars know the difference between correlation and causation, the recent study of Kristen Hydinger and Stephen J. Sandage (Boston U), Peter Jankowski (Bethel U),and Shelly Rambo (Boston U), called “Penal Substitionary Theory and Concern for Suffering: An [Read More…]

Peter Wehner, NYTimes, God and Suffering

Peter Wehner: These days I find I’m more alert to the grief and sorrow around me than I once was. In part it’s a product of my age, of youth giving way. I’m guessing my situation is not that different from many of yours. Last month I checked in on a childhood friend whose 13-year-old [Read More…]

Northern’s MA in New Testament: A New Cohort

Would you like to deepen your ability to teach, preach, and write for your church context? Do you have a desire to take your church into the rich perspective of the New Testament? This Fall I am launching our second innovative Master of Arts in New Testament degree (MANT) at Northern Seminary that will provide grounding in [Read More…]