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The synagogue of Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene and most likely a synagogue Jesus visited. Pictures by Erick Hodge: Sir Hodge [Read more…]

Ash Wednesday Sermon (Jason Micheli)

Jason Micheli is a United Methodist pastor in DC and popular blogger at  [For SMcKnight’s take on fasting, see Fasting.] This week we observe Ash Wednesday, the day when Christians defy every lie sold to us by Madison Avenue, the American healthcare system, and our President’s eerily orange visage. (Not to mention, Warren Beatty is [Read More…]

Ashes for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday: here is the order for Ash Wednesday from The Book of Common Prayer. It is a time for confession of sin as we prepare ourselves for Good Friday and Easter, the days on which God removed sin and into which we live as we participate in Lent. I encourage you to fast today, [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday (Jonathan Storment)

It is Ash Wednesday, a day when all over the world Christians are participating in what must seem from the outside looking in, one of the most morbid rituals around. Today is the day when Christians will approach someone who will smear ashes on their forehead and look them in the eyes and tell them [Read More…]

What Happens to the Pastor When People Leave the Church

By Deacon Godsey, Northern Student in the MA in NT Context cohort WHAT A PASTOR GOES THROUGH WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR CHURCH… Deacon Godsey Pastor, Vintage Church Over the last 6+ years of serving as a Lead Pastor in a local church I like to think I’ve grown as a pastor, preacher, teacher and leader. [Read More…]

Kingdom: IH Marshall and S McKnight

A kind reader has recently read my Kingdom Conspiracy, observed that he had seen a view along my line in none other than I.H. Marshall, and sent it to me to read. Here it is — Howard and I both teach that the kingdom is a people, and that people is the church. The Kingdom of [Read More…]