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Khirbet Qumran (Cave 4)

The ruins of Qumran’s famous cave 4. Pictures by Erick Hodge: Sir Hodge [Read more…]

Krish Kandiah on Tim Keller’s Transition

Very well done by Krish Kandiah, who reflects on five lessons from Keller’s ministry: 1. Transition is difficult so plan for it This deliberate transition is a bold move. Keller is still one of the most well known and well loved preachers in the world. He is at the top of his game and is [Read More…]

Head and Heart

By John Frye In this corner: hermeneutics, and in this corner: lectio divina. A recent discussion with colleagues about dialoguing with seminarians regarding the personal disciplines of Christian formation prompted this comment, “Some of the students are too much in their heads and not their hearts.” I knew what was meant by the comment about [Read More…]

How Not to Break Up with your Church…

HOW NOT TO BREAK UP WITH YOUR CHURCH… By Deacon Godsey Pastor, Vintage Church (NOTE: If you’re in a spiritually abusive situation, feel free to disregard the following…these thoughts assume the existence of a fairly normal, run-of-the-mill local church setting where nothing abusive is taking place.) I often feel like one of the things I’ve [Read More…]