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Women Pastors on the Rise? Yes, but…

Halee Gray Scott: One trend the Barna Group noted is the slow and steady rise of female pastors. One of every 11 Protestant pastors is a woman—triple as many as 25 years ago—yet women often lead smaller congregations than men. Though most pastors, regardless of gender, are satisfied with their role, female pastors are more [Read More…]

Faith as Allegiance

We believe in salvation by faith alone. But what does “faith” mean? Matthew Bates throws down the gauntlet and says the term, bibilcally defined, means “allegiance.” [Read more…]

The Ethics of Jesus are Anti-Abuse (Becky Castle Miller)

Jesus never says a direct word about what we call sexual abuse but his teachings speak volumes. Becky points us to the big themes. [Read more…]