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Baffled by the Criticisms of The Shack?

By pastor, theologian, professor and author, Allan Bevere: The Shack: Theological Precision and Narrative Imagination [SMcK: if you want to read a truly great book about early Christian orthodoxy, it’s by Lewis Ayres: Nicaea and its Legacy.] Anyone who knows me knows that as a Christian I proudly stand in the Nicene-Chalcedonian tradition. Every time I [Read More…]

The Shack: A Review

Burn It or Find God in It? (by John Frye) SMcK: John’s review is not so much a review of Paul Young’s theology, which waffles in more than one place. In fact, a number of solid theologians — including Roger Olson and John Mark Hicks — find redemptive elements, not least in depicting a God who [Read More…]