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Sarah Bessey’s Announcement

Sarah Bessey: Conviction often begins with noticing. I began to see how alcohol-centric our culture has become. To see how much of our version of fun revolves around wine or beer or some form of alcohol. To see how unhealthy our dependence is. To see the industry around it, capitalizing and marketing and selling and [Read More…]

Dangerous Gospel: The Model Home (Jonathan Storment)

Dangerous Gospel-The Model Home, by Jonathan Storment For the past few weeks, I have been reviewing Jon Nugent’s great new book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church. Today I would like to conclude this series with the analogy Nugent uses that I appreciated the most. Nugent’s point throughout the book, is [Read More…]

Paul, Women, and the Culture of that Time

Culture matters and when it comes to an ancient texts it matters even more because that culture is not ours. In her new book, Paul and Gender, Cynthia Westfall investigates culture as a filter we need to rediscover and she then examines what it meant for Paul to ask women to veil. Here is a complex [Read More…]

A Priority to Rest?

By Michael Chung (BS, The Ohio State University; MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD University of Nottingham) has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary-Texas, Houston Baptist University, Calvary Theological Seminary-Indonesia, and Houston Christian High School. He is also the author of Praying with Mom (2012) and has published academic journal articles in North America, Asia, and [Read More…]