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The Oddest Question Theologians Ask

There are good questions — How can a good God permit suffering? There are bad questions — How many angels can fit on a pinhead? There are odd questions but the oddest (and wrong-headediest of all) — Did Jesus preach the gospel? When someone is asking the last question they have something very seriously distorted. [Read More…]

What America’s Culture Wars Need Most?

I contend that as Americans on the Right or on the Left and as Americans of various races and ethnicities separate themselves from the church they develop transcendent expectations of Washington DC, the political process and our elected officials. Transcendence is inherent to who we are and either we locate it in God or we [Read More…]

What Do Your Kids Know about Communion?

What Do Your Kids Know About Communion? By Michelle Van Loon I taught Sunday School for years. The experience taught me a few things. One essential lesson was to avoid any craft project involving glitter. I found glitter in my clothes, hair, and Bible for days after creating sparkly Noah’s Ark rainbows with [Read More…]