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The Unevangelized: The Options (by John Sanders)

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The Billy Graham Rule

By Justin Taylor, who is more and more developing his hand at the history of American evangelicalism: A recent Washington Post profile of Vice President Mike Pence quoted a 2012 piece which said “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.” Not surprisingly, revelation of this practice was met with a fair bit of mockery and [Read More…]

So How Much Allegiance is Required?

One of the summary beliefs of the Reformation is “by faith alone” (sola fide). So Matthew Bates (Salvation by Allegiance Alone) proposes that the meaning of “faith” in “faith” alone is more than cognitive agreement and more than cognitive agreement with existential trust in Christ alone (another summary belief). He says, No, the meaning of the [Read More…]

Paul and Equality (Mimi Haddad)

Mimi’s post, originally at Missio Alliance, illustrates how the term “complementarian” has a history. It was originally the term used by what is now called egalitarians; thus, they were complementarian without hierarchy. The term as used by complementarians is not so much complementarian but hierarchical in primary connotation with distinction of roles. What did women [Read More…]