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Hold that Fascism Accusation

Sheri Berman: An analogy is haunting the United States—the analogy of fascism. It is virtually impossible (outside certain parts of the Right-wing itself) to try to understand the resurgent Right without hearing it described as—or compared with—20th-century interwar fascism. Like fascism, the resurgent Right is irrational, close-minded, violent, and racist. So goes the analogy, and [Read More…]

An Activist’s Confession

Micah White of Occupy’s confession: You’ve gone from trying to look at the big picture, global “We are the 99 percent,” stop the money in politics, end corporate greed down to 280 people. Why go small? I think one of the things about being an activist is what you have to do is you have [Read More…]

Reflections on Christ and Creation (RJS)

I had the opportunity to speak on Sunday at a local church. The pastor is a friend I’ve known for years – since our kids were toddlers. The topic for the day was science and Christian faith. What does it mean to be a believing scientist, and to stay a believing scientist?  After all, there [Read More…]

Just War and Pacifism: A Truce

Just War & Pacifism: A Truce, by Austin Fischer SMcK: One of the great testing grounds for one’s approach to Christian ethics is war: How should Christians participate? Should Christians participate? It is a sad reality that many American Christians don’t bother to think about such a topic and as a result think military actions [Read More…]