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New Northern for Conversation!

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New Northern for Students!

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Welcome to the New Northern!

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Huge Announcement for Northern Seminary!

Northern Seminary Announces Expansion Plan To Transform Theological Education Learn more at New Learning/Teaching Centers Designed to Meet the Needs of Seminary Students for Decades to Come LOMBARD, Ill. (April 5, 2017) — Building on its 100-year history, Northern Seminary today announced an ambitious expansion plan to set a new standard in theological education [Read More…]

Following God and Unsolvable Problems

By Kelly Edmiston, @kellyedmiston Student minister at First Colony Church of Christ. “I am not sure this was such a good idea,” I told my friend through tear-blurred eyes and hysterical sniffles. You know, the kind of hysterical sobs where you can’t get enough breath in to relax and stop crying. I was referring to [Read More…]

When a Parent is “Left Behind”

When A Parent Is “Left Behind”, by Michelle Van Loon There has been much written about the exodus of Millennials from the Church. But I haven’t seen much discussion about the effect of that exodus on those they’ve left behind; specifically, the parents who sought to pass on their faith to their children [Read More…]