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We Need to Do Better

BBC: A quarter of people who describe themselves as Christians in Great Britain do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus, a survey commissioned by the BBC suggests. However, almost one in 10 people of no religion say they do believe the Easter story, but it has “some content that should not be taken literally”. [Read More…]

When the Gospel includes New Creation

How “new” is teaching about new creation? If you listen to some, it’s a revolutionary idea. How “different” is the final new creation kingdom from what has been classically taught about heaven? Matthew Bates, in Salvation by Allegiance Alone, drills down on this theme of new creation and I would add a footnote to his discussion [Read More…]

Did Paul Liberate Slaves? No. Why Not?

The answer to the first question is a firm No. Paul not only embraced “slavery/servant” language as a metaphor for the Christian’s relationship to God — who today would say you are “slave” to God to someone released from trafficking? — but Paul simply told slaves to obey their masters and masters to treat their [Read More…]