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New DMin for the New Northern

A new cohort for the DMin in New Testament Context is taking shape, and I could not be more excited about who is enrolling. Think about joining us… we begin July 10-14, 2017. This will be our second iteration of a new and innovative Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at Northern Seminary. Here’s our announcement: [Read More…]

Turbulence at Gordon College

Samuel Smith: Every member of Gordon College’s faculty senate resigned from their senatorship last week in what is being labeled as a show of solidarity for a professor who claims that she was denied a promotion because of her criticisms about the school’s policy on homosexuality. The Massachusetts evangelical higher-education institution’s campus newspaper, The Tartan, [Read More…]

Proud of My Friend Mike Glenn

He’s a Bama fan and a Cubs fun, and at least one of those is good. But Mike Glenn is a pastor and a dreamer and a preacher and he’s got a vision for helping in Middle Tennessee and it’s great to see that church get some attention for its vision and ministry: The congregation [Read More…]

On the Resurrection (RJS)

He is risen indeed! Yes a scientist can believe in the resurrection. Science trades in motivated belief, there are reasons for the positions taken and the theories accepted. But theology also trades in motivated belief. In his book Theology in the Context of Science John Polkinghorne presents a short summary of his motivation for Christian [Read More…]

The Benedict Option: What’s Benedictine about Dreher?

In a recent article in The National Review, Rachel Lu predictably contends for more presence and activism by Christians, and the author does so in some version of a Niebuhrian or Kuyperian or Catholic or Methodist activism. Rachel Lu, in a thoroughly civil review unlike at least one other review, says this of Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option: [Read More…]