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Think Seminary at the New Northern

Would you like to deepen your ability to teach, preach, and write for your church context? Do you have a desire to take your church into the rich perspective of the New Testament? This Fall I am launching our second innovative Master of Arts in New Testament degree (MANT) at Northern Seminary that will provide grounding in [Read More…]

Apologetics on Film

The new movie about Lee Strobel’s conversion story — the result of his own discovery of an apologetic for the resurrection of Jesus — has been all but assailed in this review, by Josiah at Vice, who presses against some of the themes of the movie: Attempting to prove the Bible’s legitimacy using science and [Read More…]

The Tech Wise Family

By Jonathan Storment A year ago, I picked up Andy Crouch, the executive editor of Christianity Today to spend a weekend with the leadership at Highland, unpacking some of the ideas in his recent book Strong and Weak. [His new book, the subject of this post, is called The Tech-Wise Family.] My wife was busy, so [Read More…]

The Christian and Doubt

Those of us who have the privilege of teaching the Bible, and by this I now mean Genesis 1–3 or 1–11, know the implications of the text and the reader. For some people any budging off the historical Adam construct is fudging the truth while for others that very theological construct provokes doubt about the [Read More…]