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A Cry from the Heart (of Texas)

By Glenn Pemberton Tornado Season – Again Lord, it’s that time of year again, when many keep a weather-vigil; because they know how fast a blue sky with fluffy white clouds, can turn into a boiling dark cauldron of hail, rain, wind – and tornadoes. The evening news is already reporting the loss of life [Read More…]

Pass the Word: Our Next DMin Cohort — time to apply!

A new cohort for the DMin in New Testament Context is taking shape, and I could not be more excited about who is enrolling. There is no DMin degree quite like this one and we are learning that pastors want this kind of contextual shaping kind of study of the New Testament. Think about joining [Read More…]

Jordan Edwards: Yet Again

Why? Texas authorities killed a 15-year-old boy as he was leaving a Dallas-area house party in what officials described on Monday as a shooting that did not meet police department standards. “We have a certain set of core values, and it did not meet our core values,” Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber said. The [Read More…]

How do the Heavens Declare the Glory of God? (RJS)

The next chapter in Jim Stump’s excellent introduction to the issues surrounding Science and Christianity explores the pros and cons of Natural Theology. Christians generally defend the concept of natural theology – the idea that the study or observation of creation can lead us to God based on two passages of Scripture. Psalm 19:1-4 The [Read More…]

Farewelling Well

Farewelling well By Michelle Van Loon and Many Evangelicals were shocked to hear that one of their own, broadcaster Hank Hanegraff, host of The Bible Answer Man syndicated radio program, had joined the Orthodox Church. Hanegraff’s faith shift is another account of a former Evangelical moving to a different stream of the Church. When [Read More…]