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Sound Off: What do you say?

Source: Suddenly those fat contract extensions Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald and Chris Collins signed look, well, adorable. Collins got Brad Underwood money, about $3 million a year, to tick past the new Illinois basketball coach. A source said Fitzgerald was boosted into the $3.5 million-to-$4 million range. That’s serious cabbage until you consider it’s roughly what [Read More…]

A Court of Restorative Justice

Source: CHICAGO—In most courts in the Cook County district, a person accused of a crime will have their case decided in a courtroom, by a judge. There’s little attempt to tackle any issues underlying the crime, and few alternatives to incarceration if they’re found guilty.A new court opening this summer in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood [Read More…]

The Bush of Hominins (RJS)

The bush of hominins … a rather cryptic title for this post. The term hominin refers to modern humans and groups affiliated with our immediate ancestors. In the figure this is certainly everything from Australopithecus up, and possibly everything from Ardipithecus up. Hominids (formerly used with roughly this meaning) is now taken to include modern [Read More…]