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Jesus’ Temptation: My Podcast

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Rompers on Stage?

From Babylon Bee: U.S.—According to reports flooding in from around the country, believers everywhere stopped what they were doing Tuesday and began begging God to prevent the “male romper” craze from catching on among their congregations’ worship leaders. “We’ve persevered through the skinny jeans, Lord, but this may be more than we can bear,” one [Read More…]

What Would You Choose? (RJS)

Since 1982 the Gallup Poll has been asking Americans about their views on evolution and human origins. This week they released the results of their most recent survey conducted in early May of this year (here). The question posed (with the order of options randomized): Which of the following statements comes closest to your views [Read More…]

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Some of our influencers are influenced – both for good and for not-so-great – by others hoping to shape their message. [Read more…]