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Apply Soon

There is still time to apply for my New Testament Context Doctorate of Ministry.   There are only 3 spots left, so apply today!  (application deadline is June 5th.) Course Schedule The courses meet in January and summer of each year. A course/class meets for one week long intensive, five days per week, beginning on Monday at 9 [Read More…]

Finding God in What We Know (RJS)

Dennis Venema’s final chapter in Adam and the Genome examines his move from a position of Intelligent Design to Evolutionary Creation. It isn’t that he finds the world a random mess with humans as lucky accidents. Rather, he has come to believe that evolutionary mechanisms are God’s means of intelligently designing and sustaining his creation. [Read More…]

How Has the Church Explained the Violence Passages?

In what will become one of the most discussed chapters in Greg Boyd’s The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, Boyd sketches The Synthesis Solution. That is, four ways the church has attempted to include the violence passages in its theology without diminishing its view of Scriptures. Which of these four views did you grow up [Read More…]