More Stories about Women, Please

More sermons need more stories about women. The one who controls the story controls the glory, and that includes both which women we draw attention to in the Bible — Huldah, Esther, Miriam, Deborah, Mary, Junia, Priscilla, and more — and the ones we point to in the history of the church. While there are [Read More…]


Jerusalem, the Garden of Gethsemane, East Jerusalem Pictures by Erick Hodge: Sir Hodge [Read more…]

Dangerous Gospel: The Gift (Jonathan Storment)

The Gift Imagine you could fix the world. All of it. The Refugee crisis, the Nuclear arms race, racial tensions, global poverty, and epidemic loneliness. Imagine that you could fix all of that with the snap of your fingers. Would you? Obviously, anyone with a heart would say yes to that. And yet, Jesus ironically [Read More…]

Paradoxology: God of Love, God of War

Apologetics in a postmodern world is looking less for historical proof, scientific demonstration, and systematic omniscience. Rather, it is looking for honest, open, and genuine probings that have less certitude while holding firm to belief in a good God who loves us but who has not created a world where everything ends up with happy [Read More…]

Want to see a “fellowship of differents”?

The NT vision is for a “fellowship of differents.” Here it is: Transformation Church. [Read more…]

Capernaum and Galilee

The Sea of Galilee Pictures by Erick Hodge: Sir Hodge [Read more…]

The Importance of Israel (RJS)

Matthew anchors the story of Jesus in Israel’s history. If we are unfamiliar with the Old Testament Scriptures and this history, we will miss important parts of the message.  This is especially true in the prelude to Jesus’ public ministry in chapters 1-4. Richard Hays (Reading Backwards and Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels) explores [Read More…]

Prophetic without being Obnoxious

By Dennis Edwards, used from Missio Alliance with permission. Image Look for Dennis Edwards, 1 Peter, coming soon with the Story of God Bible Commentary! Dennis hails from New York City, by way of Washington, DC. He’s a learner and a teacher, a husband and a father, a pastor and servant. His BS degree is [Read More…]

A Parable in the Synagogue of Capernaum

This was one of my all-time teaching highlights, getting to teach a parable of Jesus in the synagogue of Capernaum. (Historian’s alert: this floor is built on top of the 1st Century synagogue. But close enough.) Picture by Erick Hodge: SirHodge [Read more…]

12 Stories of the Determination of Famous Stutterers

I was unaware that Tiger Woods had a stutter, but read this about him and Bill Walton the other day: Top-ranked golfer Tiger Woods tells CBS’s 60 Minutes that it takes hard work and a competitive spirit to overcome childhood stuttering. “The words got lost, you know, somewhere between the brain and the mouth. And [Read More…]