Singleness and Suffering

Michael Gehrling’s honest reflections on singleness: I’ve learned a lot about singleness. I’ve even come to appreciate it, and can agree with the Apostle Paul that singleness is a gift as valuable as marriage. I can see that the gift of singleness is more than having extra time to devote to “ministry.” Singleness is the [Read More...]

Magical Realism in Ministry

By John Frye: Self-Talk and Storytelling Pastors, let’s discipline our inner conversations. In Psalm 42, the song-writer talks to himself, to his soul. “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God…” What we have here is an example of self talk. I googled ‘self talk’ and [Read More...]

The Exchange Dance of Catholics and Protestants in Latin America

Adam Taylor reports about the Pew study of Catholic decrease and Protestant increase in Latin America. This chart tells it all: [Read more...]

5 Questions … and Some Answers (RJS)

I picked up an interesting and somewhat unusual new book recently, Science and Religion: 5 Questions. The editor, Gregg D. Caruso, posed five questions on science and religion to thirty three different authors and scholars covering a broad range of viewpoints. Respondents include Daniel C. Dennett, Michael Shermer, William Dembski, John Polkinghorne, and Rabbi David [Read More...]

Ordinary (Christian) is OK

From the days of Plutarch all the way to our modern world we tell stories about people who have the most extraordinary accomplishments. And once anyone’s story is told they move from wherever they were on the scale of accomplishments to the upper echelon. We don’t talk about the fella’s book that sold 2500 copies [Read More...]

The Winners Are…

Here are the winners to the Baylor University Press giveaway of Richard Hays, Reading Backwards: Over 700 entries! Baylor will be contacting each person. We randomly generated 5 winners from the giveaway this morning, and they are: Ryan Kelley  Sara Evans Brett Sanner Matt Manry Barbara Kelley [Read more...]

Good Jobs, Bad Jobs

[Read more...]

Wild Horses (by Jonathan Storment)

You don’t go to jail to teach inmates about God, you go there to learn. I don’t say this patronizingly, secretly wanting to give a virtual wink and let you know that I don’t really mean it.  I was involved in the Fort Worth jail ministry for several years, and I sincerely believe I learned [Read More...]

Two Political Models — George Lakoff

Zoe Williams, on George Lakoff’s theories, theories that tell us that the one who tells the best story wins: Lakoff’s work on the conceptual systems around morals and politics (and how they show up in language) has yielded two-dozen metaphors for morality, most of them universal across cultures. Of those, the two key frames informing political [Read More...]

Love the Lord Your God (RJS)

The way we read and tell the story of the Old Testament plays a large role in the view that many people have of Christianity. To many outside the church the story can be framed as ancient myth, the story of an autocratic tribal god, a founding myth for ethnic identity. Within the church other [Read More...]