A Guide for Parents

Source: Raising children in today’s hectic society comes with a lot more challenges than it did just 20 or 30 years ago; we now have more demanding jobs, constant distractions with our phones and other technology, and just busier lives in general. Somewhere in the mix, parents have to rear their children, and disciplining them [Read More...]

Did Jesus Laugh? (John Frye)

I have officiated three funerals in the last two weeks, one of them was my mother’s. In the midst of these times of sorrow and grief, someone asked me if Jesus ever laughed. I actually liked the question. We have no question about Jesus being “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,”but did Jesus [Read More...]

Young Women and, Like, Vocal Fry?

From Kate Shellnutt: Even if you’ve never heard of “vocal fry” or “upspeak,” you probably hear people speak in these patterns every day. Vocal fry is when someone’s voice gets lower and turns gravely, usually drawn out at the end of a sentence. It’s the sound of the next generation: in a study published in [Read More...]

Exploring the Social Realities of the Apostles

I cannot imagine anything more rewarding for understanding the first three decades of the church than taking a tour of places where Paul and John established and wrote to churches. So I’m hoping you will consider joining us … I am preparing special talks (not long lectures) on each of Paul’s letters and as often [Read More...]

The Wisdom of This World (RJS)

I’ve been traveling the last several weeks – spending some time in Europe working (with a little vacationing thrown into the mix).  Last weekend I visited Lutherstadt Wittenberg, A small town in eastern Germany where Martin Luther spent most of his adult life, preached, raised his family, and … oh yeah … composed the 95 [Read More...]

Jesus and Contextualization (Jackson Wu)

Jackson Wu (PhD, SEBTS) teaches theology and missiology in a seminary for Chinese church leaders. Previously, he also worked as a church planter. In the next month, he has just released his second book One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization. In addition to his blog, jacksonwu.org, follow him on Twitter @jacksonwu4china. The Bible not only [Read More...]

A New Thanksgiving — In the Presence of Enemies

The author of this blog post is a missionary in North Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators. She, along with her husband and two little girls, lives on the outskirts of a refugee camp working to facilitate disciple-making, Bible translation and mother tongue literacy among two least-reached Muslim groups. Her favorite things about North Africa include [Read More...]

Bee-apocalypse or No?

Christopher Ingraham: You’ve heard the news about honeybees. “Beepocalypse,” they’ve called it.Beemageddon. America’s honeybees are dying, putting honey production and$15 billion worth of pollinated food crops in jeopardy. The situation has become so dire that earlier this year the White House put forth the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators, [Read More...]

Does God Change? (RJS)

Chapter 4 of Walter Moberly’s book Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture is, for many of us, a challenging read. This chapter addresses the title question of this post – does God change?  More specifically, does God change his mind? God doesn’t change in the essence of his being, he doesn’t [Read More...]

Dropping a Zero or Two or Three

From Steve Cuss, a well-timed word, and my questions: What has your church done to examine it’s expenditures or what has it done to increase giving at the expense of local expenditures? I think our marketing budgets and production budgets have too many zeros on the end of them.  Here is what I mean: A [Read More...]