Love Hurts (by Jonathan Storment)

“Whenever someone says, I hope you hear this ‘in Christian love’ get ready to be hated on.”-Jon Acuff “Everyone loves the idea of forgiveness…until they have something to forgive.” –C.S. Lewis In Christian Love: Love Hurts A few years ago, I read about an anthropologist who lived for a while among the Hopi tribe. The anthropologist [Read More...]

Adulthood and Leadership: Collapsing?

By A.O. Scott: The desire to be an adult, to be a grown-up, to be a leader… this essay, and I’ve clipped very little of a substantive study, observes that adulthood is dying in American culture. And I read in Bonhoeffer’s Ethics the night before I was sent a link to this piece below (HT: JS), a [Read More...]

How Christians Tell the Story of Judaism (Lynn Cohick)

The Apostle Paul re-imagined after Yad Vashem, by Lynn Cohick, professor at Wheaton College. Last summer (2013) I went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum located in Jerusalem, Israel. It was my third visit in seven years. This time I visited as a member of The Christian Leadership Initiative, sponsored by the American Jewish Committee and [Read More...]

Thinking Yourself Forward

CNN, by Sara Cheshire: (CNN) – There wasn’t anything that could bring singer Pharrell Williams down in his hit song “Happy.” Turns out he was on to something. Being happy and optimistic can prolong your life, help you manage stress, lower your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and even help protect you from the common [Read More...]

NFL and Arrests

A culture has been created in football that tragically encourages disrespect for social law as well as for violence. Here are some stats on the kinds of arrests found among NFL players: Source [Read more...]

IVCF Responds

The press release from IVCF in response to the non-recognition of IVCF chapters on university campuses, particularly the state universities in California. Their energies for making contact with new students is to be applauded, and I hope university town churches will immediately determine that ministry to university students is their important calling. (Madison, WI) – [Read More...]

Pious Nietzsche! An Interview with Bruce Ellis Benson

By David Moore: Pious Nietzsche?! David George Moore conducted this interview.  Dave blogs at Bruce Ellis Benson is professor of philosophy at Wheaton College.  His endlessly fascinating book, Pious Nietzsche, framed the following conversation. Moore: Though Pious Nietzsche is an “academic” book, I really appreciated your lucid style which makes it very accessible. The [Read More...]

Benefits of Foreign Language Learning

Source: Learning a foreign language can increase the size of your brain. This is what Swedish scientists discovered when they used brain scans to monitor what happens when someone learns a second language. The study is part of a growing body of research using brain imaging technologies to better understand the cognitive benefits of language [Read More...]

Let It (the Bible) Be (by John Frye)

Let the Bible Be, by John Frye “This text [Matthew 7:1-5, 6, 7-11] virtually proves that Matthew 7 is more or less an eclectic collection of teachings of Jesus. Judging does not clearly lead to the teachings on not giving out the gospel, and neither of those sections lead directly to the theme of prayer,” [Read More...]

For Every Pastor’s Shelf

As many of you know, I am the “director” of a new DMin program at Northern called “The New Testament in Context,” and we have had our first class — and Joel Willitts guided the class through his first class on the Jewish literature. I will be teaching a course this winter on Jesus and [Read More...]