The Christians you don’t know

Some people are barely aware that there are native Christian communities in Israel, extending back to the time of the apostles. A new documentary, The Stones Cry Out, promises to tell their history and shed light on their struggles. Here’s the trailer:

I’ve covered acts of terrorism and vandalism visited upon these Christian communities in Israel before, and I realize that the region’s complicated history cannot be untangled or fully appreciated in a fifty-six minute documentary.

But whatever loyalties Christians have to Israel, as noble as they may be, they should also consider their Christian siblings living in the region. Awareness is the first step in bearing one another’s burdens because awareness can lead to prayer.

And these brothers and sisters need our prayers.

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  • kevin kirkpatrick

    And not only them, but Palestinian Christians who have suffered much.

  • Looks like an amazing film.

    • Joel J. Miller

      I thought so too. I’m eager to see it.