Why I Am a Pagan

What is Druidry 09.14.12

Patheos has a new series called “Why I Am A...” which challenges writers to explain their religious choice in 200 words or less. Here’s my entry. I am a Pagan because the Earth is our Great Mother, both physically and spiritually. I am a Pagan because the Universe is more beautiful, more powerful, more connected and more magical than I could ever imagine. I am a Pagan because I would honor my ancient ancestors and their ways. I am a Pagan because the Divine is expressed in a multi … [Read more...]

The Pagan Bubble

East Coast Gathering 2012

Teo Bishop of Bishop in the Grove has a guest column on today’s Wild Hunt titled The Pagan Bubble, which I encourage you to read for yourself. It was inspired by a conversation with his step father, who told him “I read your blog, but I don’t really have any idea what you’re talking about.”Teo describes how much of our conversation as Pagans – especially on the internet – is insular and isolated: this talking to ourselves about ourselves is debilitating. We become steeped in our own lore, in … [Read more...]

A Pagan Looks at Easter

afternoon sun 4

I wrote this for my old blog last year and it’s in the Patheos archives, but given all the uproar about Pagans and Jesus last week, and given that this is Holy Week in Christianity, it seemed appropriate to dust it off and post it again.********************************We live in a time and place where Christianity is deeply embedded in our culture. Even if we are happily committed to Paganism and to the old gods and goddesses – and I am – at some point we have to stop ignoring the relig … [Read more...]

Pagan Groups: Seeking To Find

CUUPS Beltane 2010 21a Maypole

I’m a strong proponent of group practice and worship. While there is no substitute for regular personal spiritual practice, there is also no substitute for the fellowship, encouragement, reinforcement and accountability that comes from being in community with like-minded folks. And there are things you can do in a group you can’t do alone: you can’t do a spiral dance by yourself and one person can’t raise the energy that thirty can raise.I know a few people who are die-hard solitaries and suc … [Read more...]

Interfaith: Risks, Rewards, and Boundaries


I once heard a story* of an old rabbi who was preparing to attend an interfaith luncheon. His young assistant urged him not to go. “Rabbi, there are many closed-minded Christians in this group. They believe our religion is false and they will not treat you with the respect you deserve. Please don’t go.”The old rabbi smiled. “What can they do? They will try to convert me. They will fail. Then we’ll sit down, have lunch, and go about doing God’s work.”The questions of interfaith work and Pa … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty


Before the Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh, Figol the Druid blessed the warriors, saying “as to the men of Ireland, every breath they breathe will be an increase of strength and of bravery to them; and if they are seven years in the battle they will never be any way tired.”It is in that Druid tradition I offered this morning’s sermon at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.Introduction – The Land and the King Are OneToward the end of the 1981 film Excalibur, Camelot lies in ruin … [Read more...]

Pagan Wishes For The New Pope

St. Louis Cathedral - New Orleans

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Catholic church.I grew up in a small country Baptist church. The building was plain, the pews were hard and the services were long. The preacher hadn’t graduated from high school and his sermons showed it. Well before I was old enough to realize what I was being taught didn’t match up with known science and history, with much of Christian theology and with my own core values, I felt like I was in a second-rate church.The Catholic church looked so... dif … [Read more...]

Silence and the Limitations of Language

35d Big Bend 2010

Silence has been on my mind the past couple of weeks.“To Keep Silence” is one of the Four Powers of the Sphinx, which was explained in detail in Thorn Coyle’s new book Make Magic of Your Life. This is the need to allow time for gestation and the workings of Mystery. Silence allows magic to manifest in ways we could never imagine if we insist on controlling everything.Last week I attended a lecture by Dr. Paul Clark, Steward of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light. In speaking of keeping sil … [Read more...]