Full bookshelves make me feel wealthy in a way that has little to do with the monetary cost of the books or the shelves. But too much of a good thing is still too much, and a full bookshelf says “I don’t have room to learn anything more.” Read more

Thinking seriously about Labor Day is frustrating and that frustration is not helpful. So give thanks to those this day honors, forget about the work you have to do and think about the work you’re called to do. Read more

The idea that some traditions belong only to people with the “right” ancestry has no place in Paganism. The gods call who they call and we are all free to respond to the calls we feel. We are not, however, entitled to respond in any way we like. Read more

The growing number of intellectual attacks on polytheism show we’ve grown to the point where we can no longer be ignored. Read more

The Global Charter of Conscience is self-evidently true to most of us in the modern West. It is a worthy document, even if its ultimate effectiveness is questionable. But its cause is not advanced by The Global Public Square, which was written to promote it. Read more

Nine Things I Think: a book I like, a drumming app that helps with meditation, three Pagan gatherings, the return of football season, and more. Read more

The world is changing. It is becoming more complicated, more challenging, and less secure. We can ignore the changes, we can blame them on other people, or we can accept them and deal with them and get on with becoming who and what we’re called to be. Read more

As an exercise in literary interpretation, the idea that Morrigan was merely testing Cú Chulainn and helping him achieve his destiny has merit. As a guide for dealing with the gods here and now, I find the story of Morrigan and Dagda far more helpful. Read more

Though I very much want to write a dissertation on seeking the gods, I can’t tell you how to find a patron deity. Every god is different, every person is different, and every journey is different. But I can tell you what actions have been helpful to me, and I can tell you how I came to know one particular goddess. Read more

I rejected my father’s theology but I couldn’t unlearn his dedication to faith and his devotion to his religious community – nor would I if I could. If you would pass on your values, make sure you embody them fully. Read more

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