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The Weirdest Thing About This Thing With My Mom

Hey, I forgot to tell you guys. (And I’m sure by now you’re getting a tad bored with this whole Mom thing; I promise I’ll stop writing about it now. I mean … after this.) [Read more…]

APNewsBreak: Vatican cites sovereignty as defense in abuse case, says bishops aren’t employees. It’s begun, y’all. If you’re not already,  start tracking what’s happening with the Vatican — or miss out on what I think is going to end up being one of the most cataclysmic stories in the 2,000 year history of the Christian [Read More…]

From My Mom’s Husband: “May This Event Serve as a Healing in Your Life.”

Last night I got a short email from the psychologist I just learned was married to my mom for 25 years. (See yesterday’s I Just Found Out My Mother Died — Five Years Ago.) As a sign-off , he wrote, “May this event serve as a healing in your life.” Wasn’t that kind of him? [Read More…]

I Just Found Out My Mother Died — Five Years Ago

I’ve seen my sister maybe twice in the last thirty years. She has four grown children. I’ve met her 28-year-old twin sons twice: once when they were infants, once when they were twelve. I saw their older sister once, when she was two. I’ve never met their younger brother, who’s now twenty-one. (Over the years [Read More…]

Tea Party Rappers Obliterate Rap Forever

Bummer about this Tea Party rap group, THE WOLVERINES!, destroying rap forever. Catch how, right at the top of this gritty homage to the smug thug life, they refer to Obama as “boy.” Twice. And then there’s Molotov, the disgruntled gangsta baker. (“I used to be a pie baker. Look into my eyes. All you’ll [Read More…]

Photo of the ACTUAL CAMEL Who Soaked My Head With Its Cataclysmic Sneeze!

This is the actual camel that sneezed on me (or for sure one of its relatives)! (If you’re just joining us, please see this morning’s Vendors Stiffed by Crystal Cathedral.) Doesn’t it just look like its nickname is Sneezy? I got this picture (which I’ve hereby borrowed totally without permission) from a current story in [Read More…]

Vendors Stiffed by Crystal Cathedral

The Los Angeles Times is running a story, Vendors say Crystal Cathedral owes them tens of thousands of dollars, about how the 10,000-member Crystal Cathedral is so financially strapped it has failed to pay nearly $100,000 to the vendors responsible for producing the mega-church’s mega-popular Christmas and Easter pageants. (Both shows have been canceled for [Read More…]

Four sure and easy ways to deepen your relationship with God

For those times when you’re in the mood for a little Divine Interaction, may I suggest the following four easy things to do? They’re simple—but they work, and always have. I personally believe that God is constantly and forever waiting for everyone and anyone to simply ask how they can deepen their personal relationship with [Read More…]

My Sordid Affair With Fibber McGee

Friends, family members, people I don’t know all that well, my wife’s lawyer, members of the web press, Geraldo, and Tiger Woods back there hiding behind an issue of Clubbin’ magazine: Recently, allegations have surfaced that for the last six months I have been having an extramarital affair with Fibber McGee, a waitress at Gutter [Read More…]

Christians Smoking Pot?

In response to When Jesus, Drugs, and Lawrence Welk Collide, a reader wrote me to ask: “What’s your view on Christians smoking pot? Because the Bible never actually references it, and it is a natural thing given to the earth. Just wondering.” [Read more…]