10 things I learned from “24”

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  • I've only seen two episodes of "24." I assume that they were from different seasons … days … whatever.

    Anyway, I watched the CTU headquarters get attacked with nerve gas, including a fairly painful-looking death that was obviously supposed to be more meaningful to me than it was for some guy on the other side of a glass door. I guess I found it hard to be too moved by his demise because I had just seen the CTU building get blown up in that other episode.

    If they can't even keep their own building from being blown up and nerve gassed, I'm not sure just how effective they really are.

  • Linda Chimienti

    I make purses for a living and I must say that I've just been gob-smacked with inspiration for at least two new models that I can't wait to reveal at my next show.They'll be expensive and probably smelly, but they'll be worth it. Just one question …Do you think I should sew the pen holder to the inside or the outside of the bags, or both?

  • BOTH! It'd be way more surprising to look at the (secret) agent's purse, see the empty pen-holder on the outside, think, "Oh, cool. How dangerous can this person be, since they don't have a pen?" and then be TOTALLY SURPRISED when the agent produces a pen from INSIDE their purse,and immediately starts torturing you with it.

  • Linda Chimienti

    I know I should wait till The Novel is done before asking this, but why,why, why are you not writing for TV ?

  • Linda Chimienti

    The way you write shows that you really did choose both acting and writing because you change hats nearly daily to become Fibber McGee's Not-Boyfriend today and the fly -on-the-wall in Starbucks tomorrow and The Newbie Punching Bag in heaven the day after that. Makes me dizzy but I love it.

  • The fact that you’re alive to write this note means they’re very good at doing their job.

  • Karen

    I’m still not over Trapper John leaving M*A*S*H. NCIS has helped me in recent years, so does drinking strong black coffee like Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Don’t let down your guard, John, the terrorists are everywhere.

  • Yeah, wken.

  • Christine

    still wiping the tears of hilarity off my face….this is gonna be a reread and a pass around my mates piece. You fully just made my day!!!

  • mm

    Great list. You forgot: “If you expose the perpetrators of a government coup, those who help you expose and stop that coup, will be the perpetrators of the next coup that is put into action.” Why didn’t Jack ever learn to just arrest whoever helps him the first time around.

  • Enjoyed this! How do you come up with things that are so funny yet true? 🙂

  • This is one of those posts you shouldn’t read while working…especially when you your job it to file taxes. Clients don’t like you secretly snickering when they’re sitting across from you. Who knew?

  • hahaha. Never watched 24! but now I’m thinkin’ I have to buy a season… which one to you recommend?

  • It's so so wonderful and refeshing to find avid (and rabid) 24 fans like me! I've watched the show from season 1 – my husband used to love it, but has kind of burned out on it. But I'm still holding true!

    And we don't call it a "man-bag" or "man-purse" – we call it the "Satchel of Doom"!!

  • CTU always gets attacked. You'd think they'd be better at screening their employees or people that they let into the building. It's supposed to be a secure government facility – Sheesh!

    My opinion on 24: I love it. But you have to watch it to love it. You can't just make a snap judgement on watching 2 episodes – this show just doesn't work that way.

    And by the way – that nerve gas attack in which the "meaningful" death occured? It was season 5, and the guy was Edgar Stiles, one of my favorite characters. I was so sad when he died!

  • "SATCHEL OF DOOM!!" God, that's soooo funny. I can't stand it. I'm totally stealing that. (And yes: Edgar was Le Bomb Deluxe. We're just now rewatching season four, when he makes he first ever-awesome appearance!! Plus that whole … bonding thing he does with Chloe. Just the best.)

  • Natalie

    Even though season 5 is the best, you have to start with season 1! Otherwise you won't really feel the way we true fans feel about Jack Bauer and the people in his life. 🙂

  • I'm with you, 100%. For my wife and me, it's ALL about season 5. That's just … untouchable. The guy who plays Logan just NAILS that stuff. And his wife (Jean Sweet?) is just … unbelievable. The best.

  • Natalie

    Jean Smart! I think she was nominated for an Emmy – don't remember if she won or not. I think Kiefer won best actor in a drama for that season! And Gregory Itzin (Itzen?) played Logan… ugh! He was so evil!! I'm looking forward to seeing him this coming Monday…!

    It's so nice to have someone to rave about 24 with! My husband likes the show, but he gets tired of me talking about it 🙂

  • Natalie

    I just rewatched season 5 – to me, it’s like the best season of any TV show ever. It still holds up. RoboCop vs. Jack Bauer?! How could you go wrong?

    In all seriousness though, I like season 5 because all the side-pots tie in with the main story. Season 6 had some really terrible side plots that really had nothing to do with anything. Most of them were about some sort of romance too. Season 4 was great – Habib Marwan was an awesome villian!

  • stupid. but very funny our favorite kind of humor. Oh, I know you were being SMART! Anyway, we know 24 well and my husband and I enjoyed laughing at you. I have no idea how I found this blog; I'm lost navigating my new site and first -ever blog.

  • Elizabeth Fullerton via Facebook

    Funny because it’s true. Not that I’ve seen “24”.

  • jesse

    Ahhh, my love affair with all things ’24’ just got a much-needed jump start! Thanks, John!

    And yeah, i’m one of those uber-dorky fans who, whenever a Dennis Allstate video comes on, expects Jack to come screeching around the corner in a big, black SUV with guns a-blazing!

  • Mike Murphy via Facebook

    food and water are for losers is how i felt while watching that. I think i pretty much watched each season of that show marathon style while being underemployed at Starbucks. Was fun. Repeat viewings however, have proved not as entertaining sadly.

  • Martha Jean-Prunier via Facebook

    HA! It really is fun to watch shows that are the reverse of what we believe. I watched Dexter and learned that if your child is a psychopath train him to kill the bad guys!

  • Jill Hileman via Facebook

    I wanna know what makes it into a man purse. Really. I can take it.

  • Jill Hileman via Facebook

    Or satchel of doom or whatever it must be called.

  • Judy

    Reading this I am no longer ashamed to admit I own the entire series on DVD. My biggest unanswered question, how does Jack find streets in LA with no traffic?

  • HAR!! I always wondered the exact same thing!! I was always, like, “This show is so real. So immediate. So realistic. So—wait a minutes. That street wouldn’t look like that at two in the morning.”

  • SATCHEL OF DOOM! Man, that still cracks me up.

  • Jill Hileman via Facebook

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. (purse, that is)
    I keep chocolate in my purse. 🙂