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Why Aren’t Fundamentalists Telepathic Comedians?

I knew I’d end up in hell! There’s such a dangblangit fine line between “Funny!” and “Meet Snikky and Snarky, the two fanged minions who throughout eternity will be jabbing at you with searing tridents. Have fun, funny boy!” [Read more…]

The Smith Family Chronicles: Jane Smith Comes Out To Her Evangelical Father (Episode 1)

Jane Smith comes out to her evangelical father. Be sure to tune in every Friday at 10 a.m. PST for a new episode of “The Smith Family Chronicles.” [Read more…]

Meu Deus Se Preocupa com Corações, Não Virilhas

John, porque no seu blog você escreve tanto sobre gays? Com tantos os assuntos que temos no mundo, porque você passa tanto tempo obcecado com este? Essa foi parte de um email que recebi esta manhã. Não é a primeira vez que me perguntaram isto. Então vamos analisar esse pequeno trecho em particular: Dentro dos [Read More…]

“Help: I Want to Come Out to My Loving Evangelical Father”

How does a young Christian woman tell her father the one thing about her that she knows will utterly devastate him? [Read more…]

Christian vs. Non-Christian: Who Gets Into Heaven?

The argument upon which Christians most commonly rely by way of “proving” that only Christians can get into heaven is John 14:6, where Jesus says, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” But do those words really mean what Christians want them to? [Read more…]

Adam and Eve, the day after exile

Sorry for inconvenience, but the post you’re looking for is Adam and Eve: Kicked Out. [Read more…]

Idiot of the Later; Genius of the Now

Why I am like I am. [Read more…]

A Suicidal Pee-Soaked Thumb-Sucking Alcoholic Mini-Vampire

Now I understand these things as signs of a severely unhappy kid. Then, they were just life. [Read more…]

15 Ways to Stay Sane Caring For an Elderly Parent

If you’re caring for an elderly parent, don’t miss these fifteen tips for staying sane and healthy—and for doing your parent the most good possible. [Read more…]

“Dad! Go To Your Room!”

It’s one thing to write off my father when he’s healthy. It’s another to write him off when doing so hastens his demise. [Read more…]