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Father “No communion for you!” not the whole story

By now you’ve likely heard the story of how this past Saturday morning, at Saint John Neumann Catholic Church in Maryland, Barbara Johnson was denied holy communion by the priest officiating at the funeral of her beloved mother. At the crucial, deeply personal moment in the Mass when Barbara, a life-long Catholic, expected Father Marcel [Read More…]

The Child We Left Behind

This morning Lynne, who wrote the letter which I answered in yesterday’s post, As a Christian, must she forgive the brother who raped her?, left a comment to that post which I wanted to share here. Part of what Lynne wrote in her comment was: Hello, this is the writer of the letter. I have [Read More…]

Must I forgive the brother who sexually abused me for seven years?

A woman writes in with an extremely difficult question. [Read more…]

Temptation: A sermon by Pastor Bob

Perhaps the greatest temptation we face is that temptation that has been with us from the beginning: the temptation to ask and wonder: Is there really a God? [Read more…]

John Piper: God Called. You’re fired.

This morning famous evangelical pastor John Piper tweeted this: [Read more…]

Do you feel a drunken street orgy coming on?

A woman commenting on yesterday’s post (1 Man, 2 Women in a Polyamorous Relationship) wrote: I shared this blog with a few of my Christian friends that I thought might be open to the discussions we have here [on the blog], because John had suggested that sometimes, when people read his responses to complicated situations [Read More…]

1 Man, 2 Women In A Polyamorous Relationship

Sometimes three’s a crowd. Sometimes it’s not. [Read more…]

Lent: Give it ALL up

Sorry for the linky inconvenience, but the post that used to be here is now at Giving up myself for lent. Thanks. (Again: sorry. It has to do with my blog having been moved here to its new home on Patheos.) [Read more…]

Then I went to hell

I saw her standing there—then I went to hell! I heard it through the grapevine—then I went to hell! I can’t get no satisfaction—then I went to hell! I just called to say I love you—then I went to hell! I shot the sheriff—then I went to hell! [Read more…]

Fundamentalists: Problem solved!

Got this in yesterday: Hello Mr. Shore. Thanks for your writing—I find your ideas inspirational. I have what is probably an obvious question, but I have yet to truly understand the answer. I’m curious how fundamentalists, who take the Bible as the literal word of God, are able to rationalize only adhering to certain of [Read More…]