In landmark move, Methodist bishop defies church law and colleagues to marry gay couple

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In landmark move, Methodist bishop defies church law and colleagues to marry gay couple.

The Methodist Council of Bishops told Bishop Melvin G. Talbert that he must not marry this couple. But Bishop Talbert decided to take his orders from a higher authority.

(Sorry to again send you to the UC’s blog on Patheos. Will explain.)

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  • Just more evidence of the Apostasy within the Christian church.

  • Lyn

    Totally. All those people insisting they’re Christian when they ignore the very words of Christ to love others and treat them as you would wish to be treated. Apostasy is rampant.

  • Just more evidence of people having no idea what words they’re supposed to capitalize.

  • HAR! [all caps appropriate]

  • Lyn

    See, I have a friend who, for some strange reason, tends to capitalize whatever word is most important to the sentence, so I tend not to notice random capitalization. I just sort of read it as “The theme of this sentence is apostasy.” But maybe he’s suggesting it’s a super-secret organization, like the Illuminati. The Apostasy within the church! Join today!

  • Yeah! It’s like a secret society of … dipshits. But still! I bet they wear cool cloaks!

  • Lyn

    The Apostasy can’t be a secret society of dipshits, ’cause he’s accusing us (and Bishop Talbot) of being members. I’ve already been accused of being part of the Illuminati (being the editor for the game Illuminati: New World Order has that effect). Now it seems I can join the Apostasy, too! I wonder if we can borrow the Orbital Mind Control Lasers from the Illuminati for a while. It would make our conspiracy so much easier to accomplish…

  • Please DO order a couple of Orbital Mind Control Lasers for each of us. I want two so that I have a back-up one. Because the last one I used an OMCL on someone, the thing crapped out on me as I was about half-way finished mind-controlling the person. The result? A dullard who follows me around obsessively, yet has no idea why. Believe me, that gets old pretty quick. So the next time I mind-zap someone, I want to make sure the job gets done. So get me two. Thanks! I’ll watch for it in the mail.

  • Nicole

    Lyn FTW! 😀

  • Nicole

    Oh, you guys! 😀

  • Lymis

    Oh, now that’s just absurd. The very best place to hide a secret society is right out in plain sight, where people will ignore it, since they’ll be digging into what people are hiding.

    Look at Amway.

  • Lymis

    Rampant Apostasy would be a great name for a band.

  • Mandi

    The issue with the retired Bishop Talbert is much more than the issue of homosexuality. This dips into church law, yes, but it goes beyond just what is on the page. Unless someone is intimately familiar with the WHOLE situation, just looking at it as ‘Oh, this couple wanted to be married, and the church told them no, so this guy did it anyway.’ isn’t doing it justice.

    The issue was originally about homosexuality — it stopped being about that and turned into an issue of being on someone else’s turf. Besides, he made a media circus out of what SHOULD have been a day about the couple — that’s not fair to them.

  • What makes you say it was Talbert who turned the day into a media circus? I thought it became that (insofar as it did at all) when the UMC bishop of North Alabama wrote a public letter essentially forbidding Talbert from officiating at the wedding. I thought that’s when the whole public thing began. But perhaps I’m wrong about that?