Yoga pants in public


Walking to our car after our yoga class last night my wife and I were chatting about her wearing her yoga pants in public. [Read more...]

10 reasons why the Super Bowl is more fun than church


This Sunday I, along with bazillions of other Christians, will choose watching the Super Bowl over going to church. Why? Because compared to church the Super Bowl offers: [Read more...]

Atheist fundamentalists fighting fire with fire


Above is the billboard the American Atheists have “launched” near the Metlife Stadium. It’ll be up through Super Bowl Sunday. [Read more...]

How To Make a Living Writing

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.57.39 PM

It’s not easy to make it as a writer. But you can do it. Here’s how. [Read more...]

Pornography and who we really are


Lots of people get hurt when you drop a coin into the coffers of the producers of online porn by visiting their websites. And in the very now of that moment, not least amongst those people getting hurt is you. [Read more...]

12 reasons the Hobby Lobby case should be dismissed


A few things about the Hobby Lobby case that beg to be considered. [Read more...]

When bad Christians happen to good women


Why is it that converting to Christianity turns so many people into dinks? [Read more...]

Drinking, random sex, and crying on Sunday nights


She parties too much, harms herself, and spends Sunday nights crying. But don’t count her out quite yet. [Read more...]

What no one can forgive


Find yourself unable to finally and completely forgive a terrible transgression against you–to “just let it go”? This is for you. [Read more...]

Young Earth Creationists show their stuff


For today’s post I put up, over on the Unfundamentalist Christians group blog, Young Earth Creationists make their point. It features a lot of comments from Young Earth Creationists, who’d like to dictate the curriculum of our public schools. Be afraid. [Read more...]