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Do I smell a right-wing Christian rat behind Ohio State’s psych quiz “controversy”?

Here’s the whole story behind OCU’s “controversial” psychology class. [Read more…]

Ohio State University teaches Christians are stupider than atheists

A recent quiz given to Ohio State University students — and a quiz we’d like to suggest. [Read more…]

How we remember who we are

A quick lesson in literally everything you need to know about praying. [Read more…]

Censorship, threats and book-burning: Christians vs. Gays in Singapore

It’s easy enough to think the struggle against Christians seeking to negate LGBT people is an American phenomenon. It’s not. [Read more…]

What sexual abuse steals from its victims–and how they can get it back

Young people who are sexually abused by someone they love are through that trauma robbed of something essential that those never so betrayed keep intact with them throughout their lives: their ability to trust in themselves to know when they are safe and when they are not. The lesson abused kids learn is that in [Read More…]

Help: I’m a lesbian whose Christian girlfriend thinks it’s wrong to be gay

Got in the letter below. I answer following it. Dear John, I am currently in a relationship with another female. We have been together for a year now. She comes from a very conservative Christian background. She is in a constant battle with God over being in an intimate relationship with a female. She has [Read More…]

Is suicide a sin?

A young woman with reason to wonder asks if committing suicide is a sin. [Read more…]

Dear gayophobic Christian parents of America

“Prayer warriors needed to help me fight Satan for the soul of my daughter!” she wrote on Facebook. [Read more…]

Come out of the closet, Secretly Progressive Pastors!

If you are a Secretly Progressive Pastor, now is the time for you to step forward and be the person you know God is waiting for you to become. [Read more…]

A Rhyme for the Time

A person, a company: They’ve been judged the same! (Dad, Pastor, Investor … what’s in a name?) But women? Still property: men’s vassals, mere fools. For proof ask the men who still write all the rules. So my friend Dan Wilkinson made this of that: [Read more…]