Attack kitty sayz: “Can I haz no gayness now?”


I was walking in a park near my home this morning when, miraculously, I snapped the photo above.

I managed to catch the kitten before it scampered away after its vicious attack, which scratched the ear of the guy on the left pretty good.

It’s a feral cat, basically. But I am convinced that with some patience, understanding, and perhaps a little electro-shock therapy, the creature stands at least a chance of being restored to its natural, loving self.

And so I must try my best to make that happen. Mustn’t I?

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  • Tim Wilson-Brown

    They’re very cute. As I’m sure the kitten could be if it lost some of its arrogance.
    But who am I kidding, it’s a cat!

  • John Shore

    Har! Perfect.

  • Worthless Beast

    How to tame a feral cat (at least according to how our last cat was acquired):

    Set out plates of cat food on the porch for the local feral kitties. Gradually watch them every morning as they eat, getting closer and letting them get closer to you. If you have your door open at this time, maybe you set the food right outside the door because it’s 6 degrees and you don’t want to go outside. The cat sniffing the food by the open door will realize “Hey! It’s warm in there!” and strut right in… and never leave.

    I don’t know how this works as a metaphor for anything, but maybe it does?

  • Shiphrah99

    Kittehs can haz cheezburgerz at ur howz?

  • Worthless Beast

    Yes! All the cheezburgers! May teh blessins of Ceiling Cat be upon mew!

  • allegro63