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Part 2 of “Ashes to Asheville”


This morning I published “Bones like putty,” the second installment of Ashes to Asheville, the novel I’m serializing on my website. Read it here. New installment every Thursday. (In “Bones,” Tammy, whose husband just walked out on her, calls her mother and her sister. You’ll wish she hadn’t.) [Read more...]

Part 1 of my serial novel, “Ashes to Asheville”


“You’re leaving me?” asked Tammy, suddenly bewildered, suddenly numb. “But it’s Christmas. We just exchanged gifts.” [Read more...]

We beseech you, Franklin “No Gay Christians” Graham, to read these three letters from gay Christians.


Perhaps Franklin Graham really believes there’s no such thing as a gay Christian. If so, we beseech him to read these three letters from gay Christians. [Read more...]

What You Did To Me (by funding my Kickstarter campaign)

Well, my Kickstarter campaign was successful. If you backed it, thank you. What you did for me is that … well, you saved me. Almost literally. For one, you made it so that I get to keep my name. I’m not kidding. If the campaign for What I Did To You had flopped, I’d have [Read More...]

4 hours left; $2,741 to go; what book marketers Smith Publicity, Inc. had to say about “What I Did To You.”


I haven’t shared this before, but back in October, when I was communicating with a director at Smith Publicity, Inc., she wrote me this: I’ve spent considerable time reviewing your blog (even just reviewing your most recent post re: marketing categories), and see great strength in the solid following you’ve built. Few could say they’ve [Read More...]

FINAL DAY! $5,000 from Stretch Goal. “What I Did To You” plus “UNFAIR” now only $20. Help needed.


I’m $5,000 away from my dream coming true. [Read more...]

“100% funded, and you STILL want money, John? WHY?!”


The backers of my novel have made possible what must happen next. [Read more...]

My novel is 100% funded! But please don’t go away.


On the Kickstarter campaign page for my novel What I Did To You is the picture above, with the caption, The party we [being my wife Cat and I] will throw if this Kickstarter campaign is successful will look nothing like this. Maybe so. Well, no, definitely so. But in our hearts—right now, tonight, as I write this (at 10:30 [Read More...]

A man with a hero’s name who wants to be your match

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See that picture above? Guess what?! I did that jaw-dropping image manipulation myself. And it is precisely that kind of DIY graphics wizardry that I am counting on you to make sure never, ever comes anywhere near my novel, What I Did To You. If you haven’t yet supported my Kickstarter campaign for that book, please do so [Read More...]

5 days to do; 67% funded; 4 key questions answered

No professional Christian, I. [Read more...]