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John Shore (who, fwiw, is straight) is the author of UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question, and three other great books. He is founder of Unfundamentalist Christians (on Facebook here), and executive editor of the Unfundamentalist Christians group blog.  (In total John's two blogs receive some 250,000 views per month.) John is also co-founder of The NALT Christians Project, which was written about by TIME,  The Washington Post, and others. His website is JohnShore.com. John is a pastor ordained by The Progressive Christian Alliance. You're invited to like John's Facebook page. And don't forget to sign up for his mucho awesome monthly newsletter.

All there is to say about Ferguson


The revolution will be live. [Read more...]

Anti-gay Christians convening today. What are they hiding?


“You are associating your name—your honor, your integrity, your reputation, your entire relationship to morality—with a group at some level so ashamed of what it is and what it stands for that it can barely bring itself to whisper the entire reason for its existence.” [Read more...]

Vicky Beeching and the “sin” of being gay


“Right-wing pastors preaching that gay people are going to hell because God blah blah Jesus blah blah the Bible blah blah enemy genitals.” [Read more...]

Book giveaway: “Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic” by Nora Gallagher


There’s just a lot of things I’m more comfortable talking about in the newsletter than I am anywhere else. That’s why I write it. [Read more...]

Let’s let Robin Williams rest now


Yesterday at the gym I was watching television because you can’t be on any elliptical machine at my vast modern gym that doesn’t face a TV screen, since God forbid we have any single freakin’ moment in our lives in which we’re not being advertised to. . . . [Read more...]

What is there to say about the evil of ISIS?

Broken Pencil

What’s happening right now with ISIS in Iraq is so terrifying and demoralizing that I find viscerally repelling the idea of writing a blog post about anything else. But when you’re faced with pure evil, what is there to say? May America’s intervention stop the evil cruelties being perpetrated by ISIS, and … and let’s [Read More...]

Fundie Pastors of America: Remember Mark Driscoll


A letter to every fundie pastor in America about taking a lesson from Mark Driscoll. [Read more...]

Dude: Being a Christian doesn’t mean your girlfriend has to be one, too


He says that he wants to be with her, but can’t because she’s not a Christian. [Read more...]

Her husband wants to explore his bisexuality


Her husband wants to sleep with a man. How should she feel about this? [Read more...]

Do I smell a right-wing Christian rat behind Ohio State’s psych quiz “controversy”?


Here’s the whole story behind OCU’s “controversial” psychology class. [Read more...]