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John Shore (who, fwiw, is straight) is the author of UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question, and three other great books. He is co-founder of The NALT Christians Project and founder of Unfundamentalist Christians (on Facebook here). His blog is here. His website is JohnShore.com. John is a pastor ordained by The Progressive Christian Alliance. You're invited to like John's Facebook page. And don't forget to sign up for his mucho awesome monthly newsletter.

Be a sole man (or woman)


Today is Maundy Thursday, the Christian holy day when, during an evening service, Christians have traditionally performed the rite of Washing of the Feet, which began with Jesus: [Read more...]

Dare to believe that Jesus was God


For now and the next three days, allow yourself to believe that Jesus really was God. It will cost you nothing, and just possibly gain you everything. [Read more...]

This week be churched


You have got every other week of the year to be a solitary Christian. This week do yourself—and God, and Christ, and the living body of Christ on earth—a favor. [Read more...]

A church for the unchurched?


Is this a church for the unchurched? [Read more...]

Never ask questions!


My first time ever in Sunday school did not go well, to say the least. [Read more...]

His body all broken


“Love the sinner, hate the sin!” comes the call from the right / “It’s no sin to be gay!” gets one into the fight [Read more...]

85 million unchurched Christians. Is that good?


Eighty-five million American Christians don’t go to church. Is that a good thing? [Read more...]

Farewell, Christians who won’t extend Jesus’ love to gay people


The whole gay-Christian “debate” is like watching a great ocean wave rising and cresting. Soon enough it crashes onto the shore, all thunderous fury and spray. And then it is no more. [Read more...]

Why the surprise at learning how much evangelicals hate gay people?


No one gets to declare that they follow the Prince of Peace while at the same time declaring that gay people deserve to be burned alive forever. [Read more...]

“My strategy worked for World Vision just like it did for Duck Dynasty,” says PR superstar

Sleazy Salesman Pointing

“I hope pro-gay and anti-gay Christians fight forever. Then guys like me will keep getting richer and richer.” [Read more...]