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Trump said . . . (choose your next word!)

People started a text message with the word “Trump,” and then kept choosing only from the 3 words offered next. You won’t believe what they came up with. [Read more…]

The Women’s March is over. Now what?

A young woman, angry and depressed over our current political situation, asks what she can do, now that the Women’s March is over. [Read more…]

Mary and Joseph discussing amongst themselves

(Hello, friends. I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas [and/or the happiest of holiday seasons]. Below is something I wrote a few years back, which, every year, I’m happy to learn of at least one church somewhere performing as part of their Christmas celebration. I share it here [Read More…]

On giving up on Christianity

I don’t know if it’s happening with people generally; maybe it’s just something I’m hearing more about, because people write to tell me about it when it happens to them or someone they know. But if my inbox is any indication, a lot of people who used to be Christian are deciding not to be Christian anymore. [Read More…]

Taking out the garbage your parents taught you about yourself

A theme central to much of the work I do on my blog and with my writing clients (and to the novel I recently finished writing) is how essential it is for anyone seeking for themselves a better psychological life to properly and thoroughly analyze and assess their childhood relationship with their parents, especially if, as adults, they [Read More…]

When is an abuser’s apology not an apology?

Sometimes your brain tells you that you received an apology, while your heart tells you something else. Here’s why. [Read more…]

A Christian grandmother nails the transgender issue

“The truth wasn’t hard to find anyway. It was there every time I looked into my grandson’s eyes.” [Read more…]

Psychopaths sleep just fine

The fact that you’re worrying about whether you’re good proves that you’re good. [Read more…]

Please be a Christian sex therapist

“My dream job is to be a sex therapist, but I feel like this focus on sex makes me a bad Christian.” [Read more…]

My son is 17, gay, and miserable

  Dear John, Over the past couple of years, I often wondered if my son was gay. But usually I was able to explain it away or otherwise put it out of my mind. This past February, however, there simply was no denying it any longer, and I confronted him about it. [Read more…]