No hell for people who constantly sin? Really?

A fisheye image of a grumpy man.

If there is no hell, then what happens to people who sin constantly and live their lives however they want? [Read more...]

Labor Day, Ghetto Life, and Me Almost Getting Killed

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In which I, at seventeen, find myself stranded in an elevator with one of the biggest gangsters in the country. [Read more...]

Combating the downward pull of Christian negativity


Wherein I answer a couple of letters from mothers of LGBT kids. [Read more...]

Spencer Tracy’s awesome argument for gay marriage


“You can try to ignore those people, or you can feel sorry for them and for their prejudices and their bigotry and their blind hatreds and stupid fears.” [Read more...]

Heard the news? Gay people don’t exist!


Problem solved! [Read more...]

All there is to say about Ferguson


The revolution will be live. [Read more...]

Anti-gay Christians convening today. What are they hiding?


“You are associating your name—your honor, your integrity, your reputation, your entire relationship to morality—with a group at some level so ashamed of what it is and what it stands for that it can barely bring itself to whisper the entire reason for its existence.” [Read more...]

Vicky Beeching and the “sin” of being gay


“Right-wing pastors preaching that gay people are going to hell because God blah blah Jesus blah blah the Bible blah blah enemy genitals.” [Read more...]

Book giveaway: “Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic” by Nora Gallagher


There’s just a lot of things I’m more comfortable talking about in the newsletter than I am anywhere else. That’s why I write it. [Read more...]

Let’s let Robin Williams rest now


Yesterday at the gym I was watching television because you can’t be on any elliptical machine at my vast modern gym that doesn’t face a TV screen, since God forbid we have any single freakin’ moment in our lives in which we’re not being advertised to. . . . [Read more...]