Dear angry evangelical Christians

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. [Read more...]

LGBT ruling = Attack of the Crazy Christians = Quiet time


Hi, folks! Congratulations to all who are rejoicing over SCOTUS’s historic ruling that gay people have no less right to the full protection of the Constitution of the United States than do any other American citizens! Don’t you just love how eventually right prevails? Don’t you just hate how sometimes it takes waaaaaay too long [Read More...]

Not even the might and will of the Christian church


In reflecting today upon the myriad argumentative strategies that I personally have adapted over the last eight years of writing on the issue of Christianity and homosexuality, I held in my heart the one truth that informed them all, the one thought that, from the beginning, I knew was the steel wedge that I and [Read More...]

She’s 17 and bi–and her parents won’t allow it.


Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. [Read more...]

I love you, heathen. Now change.


Evangelicals are sending non-Christians exactly one message. And half of it needs to go. [Read more...]

Round TWO in our Big Debate about evangelizing in the workplace


Hey. No one said religion was pretty. [Read more...]

“We will continue to wear white as long as there is pink!”

Blue sky background with pink clouds

When God decides to make a point with weather. [Read more...]

North Carolina Republicans temporarily forget they’re Americans


But they’ll remember, by and by. [Read more...]

10 Reasons It’s Wrong to Evangelize in the Workplace


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the first of three rounds in this Head to Head debate sponsored by! [Read more...]

What Non-Christians Want Christians to Know


I’m doing an online debate on “Evangelism in the Workplace: Is Sharing your Faith Ever Appropriate?” But before that, this. [Read more...]