The novel reason I moved across the country


This past May I finished the novel I’d spent the previous year writing. It’s the book I have wanted to write my whole life. It took me, in truth, a year and four decades to write: from the time I was a young man I have started and abandoned countless versions of it. I have never [Read More...]

Taking out the garbage your parents taught you about yourself

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A theme central to much of the work I do on my blog and with my writing clients (and to the novel I recently finished writing) is how essential it is for anyone seeking for themselves a better psychological life to properly and thoroughly analyze and assess their childhood relationship with their parents, especially if, as adults, they [Read More...]

A reminder that I’ve moved my blog back to

Builder - Construction Worker

This is just a reminder for my Patheos friends that, about two months ago (with the post Calling My Community of Caring Commenters), I moved my blog back to It’s not that I’ve stopped posting here on Patheos; it’s only that I now first post my articles on—and then, a few days later (though lately [Read More...]

When is an abuser’s apology not an apology?


Sometimes your brain tells you that you received an apology, while your heart tells you something else. Here’s why. [Read more...]

A Christian grandmother nails the transgender issue


“The truth wasn’t hard to find anyway. It was there every time I looked into my grandson’s eyes.” [Read more...]

Psychopaths sleep just fine


The fact that you’re worrying about whether you’re good proves that you’re good. [Read more...]

Please be a Christian sex therapist

Young couple with problem on reception for family psychologist

“My dream job is to be a sex therapist, but I feel like this focus on sex makes me a bad Christian.” [Read more...]

My son is 17, gay, and miserable


  Dear John, Over the past couple of years, I often wondered if my son was gay. But usually I was able to explain it away or otherwise put it out of my mind. This past February, however, there simply was no denying it any longer, and I confronted him about it. [Read more...]

Here’s what happens when you yell at your employees


Never yell at your employees. Here’s why. [Read more...]

The real reason anti-LGBT Christians are so obsessed with sex?


I mean, c’mon already. [Read more...]