The way I move

I’m going to be traveling again over the next couple of weeks and you know what that means — great stories to come, right? I’m posting the upcoming schedule. Give a shout out if you are going to be nearby and wanna grab a coffee, or need a stump speaker at the last minute:

Wednesday, March 2, 12:30 p.m. Talking with staff at Macon Telegraph about writing.

Thursday. March 3, Charleston.

Friday & Saturday March 4 & 5, Topsail, N.C. Moveable Feast. Quarter Moon Books.

Sunday, March 6th. Hope to see folks at LoveWins in Raleigh as I pass thru town.

Monday & Tuesday, March 7th & 8th. Crossville, TN.

Wednesday & Thursday, March 9 & 10th, Atlanta, Ga. Appearing on Atlanta Live with Shelly Hendrix, March 9.

Friday – Sunday, March 11-13, Navarre United Methodist Church, Navarre, Florida. “Miracles in the Mundane.”

Monday, Tuesday, March 14 & 15. Columbus, Ga. Hometown.

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  • When are you coming to Texas? Hurry up.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Maybe I’m just being paranoid but it seems to me that my thoughts on Preacher Smiley may have gotten me banned in the great state of Texas. I have yet to receive an invite to appear there. Apparently there’s a reason the Mennonites settled elsewhere. The only Texan who’s invited me to town has been Joe Galloway and he lives on the edge of nowhere.

      • Another vote for TX.

        Kat, where do you live? I’m in Arlington.

        • I’m in Houston. Home of Preacher Smiley.

          • Maybe you and Karen could attend a service together. Make sure you’re there for the televised portion. I love fireworks!

  • YAY! 🙂 I’m shouting out for some coffee and more!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      See you in TN, Gary. Can’t wait.

      • 🙂 Karen, if you and Pam get into an argument, I have an extra bedroom in my doublewide, now that my daughter’s away at college.

  • John in PDX

    I hope you are not going to dump on us mean,unresponsive, unfriendly, bad mannered, moldy northerners this time.
    I know it’s just because most of us people out in the northwest don’t put copius amounts of sugar in our ice tea to make us sweet.
    But we do know how to cook a goeduck – use Crisco.
    Be safe.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      John: As soon as Powell’s or some church in the Portland area invites me over to speak you’ll be the first to know. But I maintain that I escape the notice of those Westside folks until the Karly story is published, then all bets are off..

      • John in PDX

        Don’t forget the race coming up – we have been out the last couple of Sundays. Brrrrrrr

  • Wow, you are hitting close to where I live now (Raleigh, live in W-S) and close to where I’m from (Navarre, from Fort Walton).

    It is a crazy small world.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Until you drive it. Actually, I will be coming through Raleigh.

  • Lillian

    I you need a place to stay while in the Columbus area you know where I live. I hope o see you then.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Lillian: I’ll call you. Looking forward to seeing you.