Gaga: A Soul-Thief

A reader recently left a message at one of the more popular blog posts of the year, Lady Gaga’s a Fake and You aren’t Great.

This reader claims Lady Gaga has stolen a soul and her persona:

Sadly, it goes even further than that as she stole her entire persona from a girl named Lina Morgana. Gaga had already tried to have a music career and no one was interested in her as anything other than a songwriter. Gaga was hired to help Lina write songs by Rob Fusari and they became friends, Gaga and Rob ended up getting together and he advised her to get a complete makeover, not just visually but her entire being, everything we recognise today as being ‘Gaga’ including the name itself. She did this by completely ripping off Lina and having some plastic surgery and losing a lot of weight. Makes ‘Born this Way’ impossibly ironic.

We already know she’s a plagiarist, her performancein drag at the 2011 VMA’s was a blatant copy of Annie Lennox performing at the Grammy’s in 1984 with the Eurythmics (see for yourself here:….

Lina later ‘committed suicide’ by ‘jumping’ from the building of a shitty hotel in NYC at aged 19 and a month later Gaga hit the scene. Check out some early Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) performances and the old music video of Lina Morgana’s and you’ll see for yourself. In fact, I shall provide the links for you: Stefani:… Lina:…. And here’s a song they recorded together,…, just to prove at least part of what I have told you, creepy ending huh. Lina’s mum Yana say’s she wont ever sue Gaga (unlike her ex Rob Fusari, who is currently suing as Gaga didn’t meet the terms of their contract which actually states he is entitled to a share of the profits as he helped make her image et al), Yana doesn’t want money, just the recognition her deceased daughter deserves from someone she thought was her daughters friend.

Some go as far to say Gaga killed Lina and that the film ‘Black Swan’ is secretly based on this… Fame monster indeed. No wonder what she most hates is “The truth.”


Even though this has been well-reported in the New York Post and other sites, I had missed it. Had you heard about this?

What do you make of all this ?

Lina’s mom, Yana Morgana,  says Lady Gaga stole her daughter’s soul and is holding it hostage. (Note: As a writer, I can’t help but notice the similarity between Gaga and MorGANA)

Some cultures believe that you can capture a person’s soul in a photograph.

Prospector & miner James Kidd offered up his vast fortune to anyone who could prove the existence of a soul.

The Kennewick Man was discovered just up the road a’piece from where I sit typing this. There were huge arguments between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Umatilla Tribe over the remains of the Kennewick Man. The tribal people felt that messing with the remains of a person could disturb their soul.

I’m not theologian, so I don’t know if you can steal the soul of another person, but as someone who works in the arts, I appreciate the concerns this reader expressed.

If there is truth to this reader’s comments, Lady Gaga may be fake in more ways than I ever imagined when I wrote that initial post.

She may very well be a soul-thief.




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  • Anonymous

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Lady Gaga may be a plagiarist, but this story is just unsubstantiated gossip. Who knows where Lady Gaga got her fashion tips? Who cares?

    Even if Lady Gaga did steal something from Lina Morgana, I hope we can all agree it wasn’t her soul.

  • Having a hard time connecting the title and the article.