145 Unclaimed Bodies Laid to Rest in Archdiocese of Detroit

The seventh corporal work of mercy is to bury the dead.  Usually, we fulfill that work by attending a funeral liturgy and praying for the deceased.  We help a bereaved friend or loved one who is grieving, listening to her stories and drying her tears, helping her to find peace and to pass through the emotional turmoil of loss. In the Archdiocese of Detroit, though, the command has taken on added significance this week as 145 unclaimed bodies have been laid to rest at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery in … [Read more...]

How Would You Like to Be Married by Pope Francis?

The Vatican has announced that next month, Pope Francis will officiate at his first wedding ceremony since his election to the papacy.On September 14, Pope Francis will marry not just one, but 20 engaged couples from the Diocese of Rome.  The nuptial Mass will take place in St. Peter's Basilica, just a few weeks before the start of the extraordinary synod of bishops on the family.According to the Catholic Herald, this will be the first time since 2000 that a pope has officiated at a … [Read more...]

Little Flowers from Pope Francis: 50 Inspiring Anecdotes, Gathered by Andrea Tornielli


Since he first stepped out onto the balcony at the Apostolic Palace and waved a quiet and simple "Hello!", Pope Francis has captured the hearts of people from around the world.  Since that time, he's made us think (and often made us smile) with his twist of a phrase, his witty aphorisms and common-sense logic.Now, veteran reporter Andrea Tornielli, Vatican correspondent for the Italian newspaper La Stampa, has gathered up fifty of the popular Pope's anecdotes in a single volume titled Fi … [Read more...]