Continuing Jewish Settlements in West Bank

For multiple decades, both the United Nations and the USA--Israel's #1 ally and sugar daddy--have denounced Israel's continuing policy of increasing Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Why? It is hoped that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved by creating a Palestinian state in the discontiguous Gaza Strip and West Bank, or portions thereof, with an approximately twenty-mile corridor joining the two land parcels. Why this land? That is where most Palestinians have lived and are still … [Read more...]

America Deserves Better

Last night, The Trumpster should have kicked himself into The Dumpster and forever shut the lid! I mean Donald Trump should have thrown in the towel and resigned as the Republican nominee for U.S. president, the greatest and most difficult job in the secular world. But no! The Donald doesn't have QUIT in his DNA. He warns that he's coming loaded for bear tomorrow night in the second of three scheduled television debates to be aired live between him and Hilary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for … [Read more...]

Trump the Past Philanderer Exposed

Today, the most politically-informative newspaper in the USA, The Washington Post--which has opposed Donald Trump for U.S. president--released a tape 2005 recorded conversation between him and Billy Bush, host of "Access Hollywood," as they were driving up to the television set of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" in which Trump was going to make a cameo appearance. The conversation was private and unknowingly taped with a "hot" microphone. It is very damaging to Donald Trump in his run for the … [Read more...]

Tax-Dodging Trump Is a Hypocrite

I've been blogging about the New York Times revealing days ago that Donald Trump declared a $916+ million loss for taxable income on his 1995 income tax returns in two states--New York and Connecticut--which apparently would have come from his federal tax return that year. The result is that he probably did not pay any federal income taxes for the next 18 years.In the first of three, televised, presidential debates scheduled between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump Monday night, Mrs. Clinton … [Read more...]

USA TODAY Warns of Trump as President

Sixteen U.S. newspapers have so far endorsed Hilary Clinton for the U.S. presidency, and no newspaper has endorsed Donald Trump. Most of these newspapers are in large U.S. cities. Most significant is that some of them have very politically conservative editorial boards that have rarely, if ever, endorsed a Democratic candidate for president, some for over 100 years. They include the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Cincinnati Enquirer, and Arizona Republic. (I've lived in three of these … [Read more...]

U.S. Wins the 2016 Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a bi-annual, three-day, team competition involving only match-play between the best professional golfers of the U.S. and the best of Europe. This competition reaches back to the 1930s, when it was between the U.S. and Great Britain. The U.S. had almost a lock on winning it for several decades. Then Jack Nicklaus suggested the opposing side be strengthened by including all of the rest of Europe. Since then, in 1978, the U.S. has been drastically on the losing side. Until today, … [Read more...]

Trump’s Tax Returns

Last Monday, in the first U.S. presidential, televised debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton hammered away at Trump on his refusal to publicly reveal his income tax returns of recent years. All Democratic and Republican nominees for U.S. president for the past forty years have made their recent income tax returns public for their campaigns. This is an issue that resonates with voters. Polls show that something like 70-80% of voters think Trump should make his tax returns … [Read more...]

If Trump Wins, Congress May Tell Him, “You’re Fired”!

The first debate of three debates between Democratic nominee for U.S. president, Hilary Clinton, and the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, was held three days ago. So, the big question is, who won? Many political analysts have expressed to the media their take on it. And now polls are being taken of voters to learn what they think. Most analysts and at least the print media say Clinton won, but so far what I've seen is that the public thinks it was about a tie. Later polls will tell more. I … [Read more...]