Guest Post by Tammy Franklin: Marriage “Beyond the Nest”

The wife part I’m pretty good at, but the mother role … that’s were I really shine. What will I do when the kids leave? Read more

How to Be Friends With God

So, I’m in the Dr’s office yesterday and there’s an office assistant there who had no idea who I was [or who I think I am] and probably never heard of my music until yesterday. Here’s what happened. Read more

Good is the Enemy of Great

If we serve an excellent God, we should do excellent work. Period. Read more

Trust What He Allows

My mind again has to be “Father, if this is your will, it will happen and it will be what YOU want it to be. You’re flying this plane now”. Read more

How Swagger Can Help the Gospel

It’s probably a good idea to not repeat the mistakes of those who crucified our Christ. Read more

My Brother’s Keeper: Thoughts after Viewing the Amy Winehouse Documentary

Let’s rewrite the script. Let’s change the ending of the movie we’ve seen too many times. Let’s help the talented ones, the simple ones, the everyday ones, live to see another day. Read more

WWJD?  He Might Give Christians a Much-Needed Makeover

I remember it like it was yesterday… I was dancing on the floor with a really cute girl named Melani, hoping my dance moves were good enough to get her phone number and ask her to be my girlfriend. Read more

Force Yourself to “Think Grateful”

Sometimes, I can be a whining, complaining wimp. Here’s what changed my heart. Read more

We Love Close Calls… Until They Happen to Us

God flips the script in a way that can help us in our over time-nail biting moments. Read more

He Maketh Me To Lie Down

There’s a reason why the word “no” exists. Read more

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