Armchair Quarterbacking: The Debate Edition – Who Won?

Disclaimer: I can’t answer my own question… at least not yet.

Last night, I watched the “pre-debate warm ups” on a variety of channels before jumping in my car and heading to a local parish to give a talk to an assembled group on the topic of Advent. We’ll talk later about how ironic it felt to be discussing my favorite liturgical season when the thermometer here in Fresno read 85 degrees…

I had every intention of finishing up, jumping in my car, and coming home to watch a replay.

Instead, when I got in the car I tuned into a local radio station where the host and various callers were proclaiming a clear win for Mr. Romney. Caller after caller, a consistent stream of them, said there was no doubt he’d “won”.

Then I arrived home and took a seat next to my husband, and started watching CNN. Within minutes, they flashed the numbers for their instant poll which showed President Obama at 46% and Mr. Romney at 39%. I heard the analysts calling that an Obama win — they could have been saying something else, but that’s what I heard them saying. This morning’s headline at is less decisive: Split decision on debate.

At that point, with tired feet and sleepy eyes, I pondered heading to CSPAN to watch for myself, and decided against it. I was so tired… but I also just couldn’t face the animosity with a clear mind. So I went to bed.

We’re just getting started with our day out here in California, and you guessed it — I still haven’t seen that debate. It’s on my to-do list for today, after attending a Diocesan School Board meeting and stopping by my parish.

I’d intended to blog about my impressions, but instead am inviting you to share yours. I’m honestly interested in knowing what those of you who saw the debate thought. Hopefully you’ll point to clear moments that caught your attention, arguments that swayed you, and mistakes you caught. Reading your comments will help me watch with a sharper eye. I’d ask that you remain charitable towards one another. Thanks!

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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