Tender Mom Moment – A Slow Air for Monday

Because its Monday, because that game yesterday wasn’t so super, because I’m in a bit of a mental funk today, and because it’s played by one of my favorite musicians, here is a lovely slow air to share with you today.

The artist is obviously my son Adam, but he’s playing an instrument that he’s only had for a very few days, one that I haven’t heard him play “in real life” yet.

When I watch this video, it makes me both smile and cry. Today is one of those days when I really miss my Adam. He is having a fantastic time at college, so I wouldn’t change a thing, but a mother can miss her son, right?

Adam’s use of his gifts from God is a continual inspiration to me. If you have an artist or musician in your life, have you thanked them lately you for sharing the gifts that have been bestowed upon them and giving glory to God with their talents?

Keep the music coming Adam!
I love you,

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