Change Our Hearts: Little Book Making a Big Lenten Difference

Change Our Hearts by Rory Cooney

Don’t let it’s tiny size fool you.

This is an actual picture of my phone along side one of my favorite new Lent books for 2014, Change Our Hearts: Daily Meditations for Lent by Rory Cooney.

Granted, at 5.7 inches, my Note 3 is a monster. But this little Lenten devotional is still the perfect size to tuck into a purse or pocket for those “waiting in line” moments when you might reflexively grab for your phone and check Facebook. Instead, I challenge you to spend $3 and five minutes per day between now and Easter drawing closer to Christ.

Perhaps it’s because of the frantically busy pace of my life these days that Cooney’s “tell it like it is” reflections on the daily gospels have such resonance for me. I’m finding the book a perfect companion to daily Mass and our Gospel reflections at They help me to hear and reflect upon the day’s liturgy of the word with a tone that relates to the challenges I am facing. They encourage me to be a more present, loving Christian in real, yet simple, ways.

It’s not too late for you to download Change Our Hearts on Kindle today and to start changing your own heart. Isn’t that what this season is really all about?

A question for you: What are some of the devotional books that you are enjoying reading this Lenten season?

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