Article I wrote for Relevant’s Neue Quarterly


This link takes you to an article I wrote for the Spring ’09 issue of Neue Quarterly called:

It’s Our Fault: Examining the gay vs. Christian Culture War

To access the article just:

Click on the Article link at the top of the page and head over to my name, it’s on page 39. Have a read (click on the pages and they will zoom-in to make the words legible) and I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Let’s talk!

Much love.

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  • Hello All –

    I also posted this article in my Facebook status and there have been some comments there. After noticing what was happening, I am now encouraging them to post the comments here.

    Here are some of what has come in thus far:

    David Cowie said:
    The article reminded me beautifully of what Julian of Norwich once claimed (maybe you’ve already come across this, maybe not):

    “To love a human being is to accept him [sic] as he is; if you wait until he is different you are only loving an idea.”

    2 others said:
    Thanks for the quote David. I really need to remember that! Great article (as usual). It’s great to get these reminders to reconcile, love and pursue our relationship with God. Lots of love!

    3 other people also commented with support in how the article pushed them to think in more constructive ways….

    What does that mean to you all, I’d love to hear.

    Much love!
    Andrew Marin (I’m trying to still figure out how to put my picture up there….)

  • Still trying to work out the probelms of having a new site – I've gotten quite a few emails from people saying they couldn't comment b/c of login/registration issues. I think I fixed it. Please email me,, if you can't comment. Thanks.