Radical Hospitality

A good friend of mine works for the William Penn House – a ‘Quaker Center on Capitol Hill’. Here is their definition of hospitality, and I love every word of it:

“Our goal is to simply provide hospitality – a warm place where those gathered can share their hopes, dreams, visions. Among these are family and friends. We ask that people recognize that we do not seek to persuade people in any way. It is an exercise in hospitality – for us to be together, learn together and grow together. We will not agree on all things, and even where we might agree, we will not agree on how we get there. We do ask that we agree to just listen, feel free to speak our truth while allowing others to do the same.

At William Penn House, all are welcome.”

I love this because it reminds me of The Marin Foundation’s motto for the Living in the Tension Gatherings – a level headed means to peaceful and productive engagement surrounding divisive topics.

Much love.


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  • Hey andrew, love the post. Need your help though. Have a meeting with our PFLAG tomorrow and I am extremely nervous about it. Can you e-mail me where it is best to contact you via email, etc?

  • Hi Paul – just email andrew@themarinfoundation.org and don’t mind the auto-reply in this case, I’ll be on the look out for it asap.