Another Award!

Wow. I can’t say anymore than I’ve already said about how unexpected and special this whole book thing has been, both in regards to the impact that it has had and how it has been received by both the GLBT (secular and religious) and conservative religious communities.

Love is an Orientation just recieved its third award, being listed in a group of the Best Overall Books of 2009 by the Englewood Review of Books – here’s their list.

This whole thing has been crazy. Thanks for living out your countercultural call from Christ to build bridges when much of the world doesn’t know what to do with us. Let’s keep on keepin’ on …

Much love.

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  • Mrs T

    It’s appropriate that I was watching parts of “It’s a Wonderful Life” on YouTube just now. You’re a young guy & have realized that you have had a wonderful life no matter what happens! Much Love!!!!

  • Josh

    Congratulations Andrew!

  • Kevin

    Congrats. I have come to trust Englewood Review of Books more than most all other book reviewers out there, so it is great to see your book on their best of 2009 list.

  • Hihopes

    This is fabulous news. I would absolutely LOVE to receive a press kit from you guys on the achievements that this book has realized in 2009 and where you (Andrew) have been recently. I want to reach out in my local area … raising the bar on this subject and try to bring folks (in my area) to engage you and your work.