Feb 11: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


What does ‘forgetting the Lord’ actually mean? It’s a haunting undertow in Scripture that I don’t want to find out. Hosea 2:13

Despite the pain; despite the hurtful actions of those closest to us; we must love others into reconciliation with us and God. Hosea 3:1

People without knowledge or understanding will come to ruin every time, says the Lord. Your excuses of ignorance don’t work in God’s eyes! Hosea 4:6,14

Much love.


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  • This is Paul Turner, we met briefly at ATL YS. Just thought I’d update you. I had not heard from PFLAG in about 3 months. I thought my journey was over, I had done what the Lord asked me to do. Then, I received an e-mail from a gay man yesterday who heard about me from the PFLAG folks. We set up a lunch and met yesterday. Come to find out he came out of the denom I did and knew the same people. We had a very honest and productive talk. He has invited me to his Bible study and is going to keep me posted on future meetings etc. Thought you’d like to know that the journey continues. Have a good day.