Part 2: Airport Signs and Theological Deepness

This video is hilarious! Watch what TSA does while I’m trying to communicate some super deepness…

How much do you want to bet I’m going to land on one of those “watch lists” at the airport from here on out  🙂

Yesterday’s services went great…I will post the audio from my sermon as soon as LaSalle St Church posts it in the next few days. I will continue the DC breakdown tomorrow, because I’m sick as a dog and just need to sleep. I think all of this running around might be catching up to me a little bit.

Much love.

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  • You crack me up, Andrew. 🙂

  • hahaha I was totally waiting for TSA to tackle you or something while you filmed. love this.

  • Seriously, I thought they WERE going to tackle me! They were not happy at all!!!